1. The world is made of stories
  2. Stories are complex — there are an infinite number of sides to every story and an infinite number of levels to every story
  3. Stories have a beginning and an end
  4. Stories are infinite in number
  5. Stories are personal or communal
  6. Stories are spoken or unspoken, heard or remain to be heard
  7. Stories are understood through interpretation
  8. Interpretation is the act of reimagining stories
  9. Interpretation can be faithful or unfaithful
  10. Interpretation is mind-biased
  11. Interpretation is the mind reimagining the world
  12. Mind is a work in progress seeking permanence in the world


I believe I am me and my surroundings. My composite histories, experiences, my relationships, and ideas are me and my context. I am doubt, faith, truth, happiness. I am contradiction and harmony. I am a point of reference in the world for myself and others.


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