Philosophische Untersuchungen — An Introductory Understanding (Sections 1-8)

Wittgenstein · The Paris Review


According to Ludwig Wittgenstein (LW) in his Philosophical Investigations the essence of language encompasses and permeates all things related to humanity. In this work LW argues that the first step to understand the essence of language more fully is to dispel previous attempts that define and thereby limit a fuller understanding of language’s essence. Such definitions seek to explain unimportant or meaningless aspects of the function of language, leading to greater confusion in philosophical debate as well as a narrowing of perspective regarding the underlying truth that is language. For LW a working understanding of the “How” of language (i.e., function) and not the “What” (i.e., meaning) is most significant. In so doing, the whole, multitudinous function, description and signification of language can be penetrated.


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