A Précis — Sor Juana’s Response to Sor Filotea

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz demonstrates in her famous “Response to Sor Filotea” (enlace en Español) a hermeneutic of holy un-ignorance, a divine patience hindered (if one can call it that) only by God’s grace which bestows wisdom to magnify the interrelatedness and infusion of God’s creation with God’s inner self. Wisdom builds upon true knowledge and true knowledge upon wisdom. What is lacking at either starting point of this paradox is not so much a predisposition to knowledge of wisdom, but rather a sincerity, a willingness not to lead oneself or another astray in matters of life. This, of course, includes all that we term the humanities and the sciences, without which humans cannot distinguish between a beetle and a bee or learn to draw a red, red rose.


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